Update August 2016 As you look for legitimate information that can assist you in finding resources to buy a home please beware of those who claim to help but don’t. We recently ran across a site called usagrantapplication.org and were surprised to see their claims that you could just fill out an application and get grant money to buy. They have an F rating from the Better Business Bureau and we found complaints elsewhere on the internet. We know getting a grant is not that easy. That’s why we provide lots of information about what’s real and what’s not and what you actually have to do to find real grants or other aid programs.

You’ve heard the promises—are they for real? There are plenty of sites that want you to believe that for a “small” fee, they can help you find any kind of funding you might need — complete with a guarantee!

The simple truth is that the government would love to encourage home ownership. However, they are not just giving out grants to accomplish that goal. And unless you are over age 62, living in a very rural area and meet a number of other uncommon criteria, there are no direct government grants available to help you buy a home. You need to understand that to avoid getting scammed.

Don’t give up — there is hope! Home buying assistance includes counseling on a number of topics, special programs specific to your state, free help avoiding foreclosure, low interest loans and payment plans and more. Learn more below, beginning with new very low down payment opportunities!

Remember as you consider options that no one can guarantee you can get a government grant to purchase your home. Don’t let wishful thinking let you fall for empty promises. See Grants For Home Repair as an alternative to purchasing a new home – maybe you can hang on for a bit longer before moving.